LBRG is a consulting company that believes in user centered design approach. 

Our areas of consultation are found below.

Our believe is that best results are achieved when there is one collaborative team with common targets which are well understood by all involved parties. Therefore, open co-creation is key to success in our consultation process. We aim to highlight and explain the projects main common targets, also known as the boundary objects, in such manner that they are clear and fully understood.

As part of projects we aim to have as multifaceted teams as possible, also cross industry aspects are appreciated.

The way of achieving this include contextual enquiry and co-creation methods. We aim to go to field to meet actual customers/end users/stakeholders and future employees of the concepts to ground the design solutions to actual needs and pain points.

Concept Designs

Autonomous Vessel Technology

S11 - Autonomy Simplified

Areas of Consultation

Our main area of consultation is future technology concept creation. 

Concept creation projects are done in close collaboration with the customer and they focus on future technologies looking at 10 to 15 yrs ahead.

Reference outcome of a project:

Image courtesy of Rolls-Royce/Flickr

Through our extensive background as industry thought leader in the field of autonomous maritime technologies we provide also detailed consultation on autonomous vessel technologies and linked future solutions.

Image courtesy of Rolls-Royce/Flickr

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Company owner Iiro Lindborg is one of the key speakers globally in regards to remote and autonomous maritime operations. He has been in charge of autonomous technology development R&D centre of Rolls-Royce and Kongsberg Maritime prior to moving to LBRG Holdings.

Keynotes & Presentations

Part of technical review committee: Cyber Security Workbook for On Board Ship Use. 

Workbook published by Whiterby's in collaboration with BIMCO and International Chamber of Shipping

Concept design for port arrival of autonomous vessel. Concept design included mapping of different interaction points of different stakeholders during port call and how those would change with autonomous vessels.

Study report: Expanding Rewake business into maritime sector. 

Study included introduction and evaluation of different players in maritime sector. Evaluation focused on different opportunities of company given the companys current expertise.

Recent References